Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Unis for Ags Honor 75-77

There has been a huge development on the uni-front at Texas A&M.  So massive, I wish dad were here to discuss it with me!  So contradicting, yet so wonderful!   

So, NOW you want to honor your traditions...

I have sat back and watched Texas A&M toss tradition after tradition aside since I left the school - it even has a different greedy, money-grubbing feel to it now. It's the NOT the same place I fell in love with and shocked my Longhorn fan dad when I told him I would be headed to College Station. First slap in the face, The Zone and its rich suites blocking the dead mascots' view of the scoreboard. But the most flagrant slaps - ending the longest tradition of all - the rivalry between Texas and Texas A&M. And with that a move to a money-grubbing conference that will only exploit their Texas connection.

So in the shadow of trashing traditions, they decide to honor one of the most unique football unis in the history of college football (dad absolutely hated them!). The new unis (still Adidas) have the double shoulder stripe of those historic unis from the mid to late 70s. It also utilizes the striped undersleeve born by Uni-Watch readers - although, I suspect there will be some serious alignment issues between jersey and undershirt. Glad to see a stripe on the pants - but I will always be a fan of multiple stripes. I don't even mind the gray bevel highlight... That is the direction they want to go with the aTm logo (see previous post) - I hope they dump that idea! Now, this was a techFit reveal, so I don't want to get my hopes up that the new helmet WON'T have that stupid bevel logo.

All in all, the ONLY REAL problem with this uni is that crappy SEC logo on it!