Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DKR Auction

So as expected, prices were a higher than expected at the auction since Darrell Royal died last week… ESPECIALLY on the cheaper items that were supposed to go between $100-200.  The expensive things like Texas and US flags flown to the moon stayed around the estimated bids (if not a tad lower).  But the little things - the opportunity to have something the legend owned.  And I can't ignore his 2005 National Championship ring - it did go for a shocking $105,000. 

It is interesting to see the unsigned items that went higher than you would think.  A book with a signature about $250 – but make it about the Longhorns and it went for $650, programs from games he coached even higher… A couple of odd desk items that were expected to go for 100-200 went for prices like $1700 or $2250!  If it had a longhorn, his initials, or was burnt orange – the price went up!  I would love to do a spreadsheet categorizing the items that went for so much more than expected.

Here is a short run-down of the things that were eyebrow raising!

Signed program from 1973 (100-200=$650)

Duh... it has a longhorn on it and was probably worn by Darrel Royal!!! (100-200=$1300)

Initialed Bottle Box - the box is sweet (100-200=$1700)

What I wanted – was thinking I could spend $200 on this since it was his… even though it was so faded! (100-200=$550) 

It's burnt orange, has a longhorn on it and they used it! (400-600=$950)

Holy Shit – my glasses aren’t worth this much... (100-200=$350)

Hello... wooden Hook'em with his name on it! (100-200=$2250)

Not signed, Edith's personal copy.... maybe she bought it back. (600-800=$1800)

Unsigned 1963 Program - although this was the auction catalog cover (100-200=$800)

Signed 1957 and 1958 Programs (100-200=$1300)

Signed 1949 Sugar Bowl Program - his last game playing fro Oklahoma (600-800=$2000)

Signed 1958 Sugar Bowl Program (300-500=$550)

Amazing Original Cartoon (400-600=$3500)

Texas Flag from Moon - very faded, he obviously had these in his office and ENJOYED them! Duke wrote about trying to make a Hook'em in the photo with his gloved hand. (15,000-25,000=$17,000)

The audio recording of the party with Charlie Duke and Willie talking about what it would be like to be on the moon. I so want to hear this – hope the buyer makes it public! (60-150=$425)

Apollo 12 moon flag - signed by Conrad, Gordon, and Bean (10,000-15,000=$15,000)

Apollo 8 Moon Flag - signed by Borman, Lovell, and Anders. What a steal! (10,000-15,000=$6500)

Autographed pages by several SWC greats intended to be in first 250 books of a book that never got printed - neat lot! (100-200=$275)

What the Hell?  Other rings only went for $15,000 or so.  Oh, 2005 National Championship Ring... it's not a typo! (1000-5000=$105,000)

Brick from 2006 DKR Stadium Renovation (100-200=$750)

Texas Football Magazine also signed by James Street (150-250=$700)

The auction website - browse through - it's fun!
Neat article about Auction - with photos.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fitting Tribute for Darrell Royal

We lost a legend on November 8th.   It was a A sad, sad day for me, longhorn fans, SWC fans, and football aficionados across the country. Even Aggies expressed some love! The UT tower was lit solid orange Wednesday night in his honor.  I know my dad is having some lively conversation with him right now!

Here is the DKR decal Texas Football went with for the helmet (posted by @MBTexasFootball). I was indeed hoping for something other than a black circle with DKR in it. I was wishing for something more original - like a little wishbone with DKR inside.

But, how fitting is this!?! I would have to say, they nailed it!

He changed football forever with the wishbone, but Darrell Royal "created" the iconic helmet longhorn (see here for details from a previous blog of mine) that is still unchanged to this day! Bravo!

Hook'em! \m/

Monday, November 5, 2012

Aggies in Black

Are you effing kidding me?  Texas A&M rolled out of the locker room last weekend wearing all black. Oh excuse me, the helmet was black fade to maroon.  Okay, black doesn't even fade to maroon. Stupid.  Glad I was doing an art show and did not have to watch this travesty.

Only one word can describe this - sacrilege!  Hey - I like black unis, Red Raiders look spectacular in all black - BECAUSE IT IS ONE OF THEIR SCHOOL COLORS!  BFBS (black for black sake in uni-watch ease) is out of control.  With the exception of the blue field, you can't tell who any of these teams are in the photo above with a quick glance.

But enough of that - let's talk about the helmet.  I love the Texas outline idea - but how poorly done could this be?  The logo is so big you lose the southern tip of Texas. The reversed side is better.  The holes in certain helmets also lose part OF THE SCHOOL NAME.  You can tell by the bad photograph that HGI took, they don't even care what it looks like.  Graphic design is about design.  Not letting some intern slap some oversized crap on there - anywhere on there.  Make the logo smaller, lay it out so it is ACTUALLY readable, and it would have looked a heck of a lot better - except of course, for the black...