Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SMU Blues

Looks like SMU will finally be back in blue on Oct 5th per this video. Blue has been see rarely since June Jones came on board and plenty of SMU fans have been singing the blues.

 The video specifically references 1983, even though they have worn blue jerseys recently in 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002 and of course 2008 when June Jones came on and basically tanked the whole season in bright royal blue). That is not a complete list - I have big gaps in my SWC uni database for SMU that I have not populated yet.

So... will it be the more unique Yale blue of the Pony Express era? Maybe the darker blue that seemed to come along after the 1983 Cotton Bowl when the Bowl mistakenly ordered a darker shade? Or just that plain old more royal blue from those recent photos? Their current blue is likely the effect of Nike not often making "special" colors for teams - it's usually pretty much their way or the highway.   Those early 80s jerseys didn't have stripes. Since the video does say "present meets the past", I am guessing they won't wear stripes on the pants... bummer. Unless it is a throwback uni to honor Dickerson and the 1983 Cotton Bowl team who were 1982 Southwest Conference Champions. Oh crap, I hope Craig James isn't there... I have REALLY enjoyed him being SILENT!  It will be good to see SMU back in blue - hopefully they will win and June Jones won't toss the blue again! The consensus of the comments on several boards is that SMU fans want the blue and want the separated stripes on the helmets and pants back!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nike and No SMU Whiteout

For four years in a row SMU has worn all white in the home opener which includes the fans for a whiteout. Tech was expected to wear black for a blackout. However, Nike didn't get SMU's white jerseys ready in time so SMU was forced to wear their red jerseys.

Come on, Nike.  Since SMU does the whiteout every year for the home opener, it's not like someone didn't know when the whites would be needed. 

No problem said SMU athletics - the red jerseys look great. Only problem is the fans were now dressed supporting the Red Raiders who wore all white and a new white helmet similar to the black version that was part of the uni reveal. Not too sure about the all white look... The hash tag war (#WreckEmTech vs #WreckTech) goes to Tech with their WALK-ON FRESHMAN possibly star QB and new coach as they dominated the game after both teams started slow.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Slingin' Sammy Baugh

At a recent card show ( my first in almost 20 years), I saw this 1949 beauty of TCU legend Sammy Baugh! I never knew these old Bowmans existed for football.  I love the printing on the 1949 Bowman cards. 

At TCU, he led the Horned Frogs to two Bowl Game victories: 1936 Sugar Bowl and the inaugural Cotton Bowl.  He was drafted in the first round (6th overall).  That one year contract made him the highest paid player on the team. In his rookie season, he led the Redskins to a win in the NFL Championship game.  In the NFL, not only was he the quarterback, he was an awesome defensive back, and maybe one of the best punters of all time. 

That example above is pristine and has exquisite color with no overprinting. I couldn't afford that one, so I found a more affordable card to buy - Texas Bobbie Layne (also a SWC legend). 

A recent post on Uni Watch, came up with a new photo of Sammy Baugh I had never seen nor had any idea about. First off, what a gorgeous photo - make sure you enlarge it and enjoy the details.  Second - I confess I don't think I knew he also played baseball.  As it turns out, he played baseball at TCU as well - AND THAT IS ACTUALLY WHERE HE GOT THE NICKNAME SLINGIN' SAMMY BAUGH! Not from football... Holy crap! 

Turns out after his rookie year in the NFL, he wasn't convinced football was his best sport.  He signed a contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Unhappy with his little playing time in the minors (because he was converted to a shortstop and played behind Marty Marion), he went back to the NFL.

I also didn't know he coached the Houston Oilers in 1964...

The two sport "slinger" made the forward pass and integral part of the NFL.

Lots of good stats are here.