Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Throwbacks

Texas announced they will be wearing 60's era throwbacks for this year's annual Thanksgiving match-up. Now my giddiness withstanding and complete appreciation with this move in the wake of my dad's passing (how fitting for the first A&M-Texas game without him), there are still a couple of problems.
First and foremost... A&M has yet to make a similar announcement completing this beauty of a Thanksgiving Day.
Secondly, with no specific year represented by the unis, they are a mismatch of old school and Nike Nausea. They will have the numbers above the Longhorn on the helmets (although, those hideous new helmets) as they wore from 1963-1966. As for the rest of the uni... not so vintage. The TEXAS wordmark is way too small for that time period (although I believe the wordmark was only on practice jerseys). And there is all kinds of jikky Nike crap going on with the We Are Texas collar trim, apex shield, and DKR Texas patch on the pants.

A similar homage was done in 2005 for the home opener in 2005 was executed much better with the 1963 unis.

Examples of the real deal below.
1962 Cotton Bowl Uni
1963 Cotton Bowl Uni

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