Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome back, Froggies!

Personally, I don't get it... if A&M thinks they are not respected enough, how in the world do they think they will get more attention in the SEC?  Newsflash - SEC is only using you to get Texas recruits...  So, the getting more respect theory is a load of crap.  It's all about the money and the really bad path A&M Athletic officials continue to lead the Aggies down.  First you build a monstrosity to block the view of our beloved Reveilles (and trust me, the freshman seating has a better view!).  Then you demolish every rivalry... even the one your fight song is written about.  Will Bill Byrne rewrite the fight song too?  Where are the old school Ags - how is this being allowed to happen? 

TCU has been in a weak conference and played hardly anybody (but has wins against notable teams)... and they are ranked in the top ten at the end of each season.  A&M is still on one year, off the next... poor Aggies. Clearly, the Big XII got the better deal!  Just compare their post-SWC Bowl Game records and final rankings!

Since the end of the SWC, the Aggies have posted four top 25 final rankings.  TCU has posted eight - four of which are top 10 final rankings!  Bowl game wins also shine on TCU - Aggies are 1-9 since the SWC disbanded and  TCU is 8-4 (and two of those were BCS Bowls)!  Last year TCU went undefeated!  Since 2005, TCU has the best record of all FBS teams in Texas.

Now let's look at all-time win percentages against the SEC and their new conferences:

A&M against SEC        TCU against Big XII
58-79-6 (31%)             157-223-24 (39%)

                                     TCU against SEC
                                     33-64-4 (33%)

So, cry baby Aggies - or I want a National Championship TCU?


Bill Thompson said...

I am right with you on this one, Susan! As an Aggie whose wife and daughter are Horned Frogs, I had been hoping to see A&M and TCU back in the same conference. It is cruel and unusual that A&M is leaving the Big 12 just as TCU is coming in. I am disgusted with A&M's decision and will have zero interest in following the Ags in the SEC. GO FROGS!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but you have extremely biased (and wrong for that metter) opinions. For instance, comparing records against 2 different conferences - of course A&M will have a worse record against the SEC than TCU does against the Big XII, because it's harder competition. Also, you post that TCU has a better winning percentage against the SEC, but that's by a negligible margin (2%) in 40 LESS games than A&M has played against the SEC.

"if A&M thinks they are not respected enough, how in the world do they think they will get more attention in the SEC?"
NEWSFLASH, the SEC is the most respected conference in the country. Winning the SEC Championship means playing for a national title, and probably winning one, as the SEC has brought home the last 6. Throw in the impending SEC network and now, rather than 90% of their games on Fox Southwest and 1 game a year on ESPN, they will be playing on CBS or ESPN EVERY WEEK. That's right, EVERY WEEK. Part of the SEC's TV agreement is that all games are picked up. While TCU is playing Iowa St and Kansas on FSN (if it's televised), A&M will be playing the likes of Alabama, LSU, Florida, and Auburn on CBS and ESPN in several national broadcasts.

Will A&M have a difficult time adjusting to the level of play in the SEC? Sure, in football. Other sports such as baseball, basketball, and the non-revenue sports (S&D, Equestrian, Softball, and the 3-time defending National Champion Track and Field teams) will have no problem fitting in. After a few years, and with the release of the SEC TV network, look for the Aggies to be in a better place culturally, competitively, and financially than they were in the "Big" XII.

Susan N. Freeman said...

Ha Ha - just throwing some data out there. Of course we will never know since TCU canned their QB. And with Johnny Football at A&M, I think our results may be skewd as well - because A&M was not that good before him! But funny how all of a sudden A&M is in SEC and ranked (no questions asked...). I think Big XII can take on SEC any day of the week - styles are so different, SEC would have a hard time defending. Last week I ACTUALLY HEARD an announcer or other sports reporter say BIG XII was the strongest conference this year. Hmmm... I fell out of my chair.

And I am pretty sure this isn't the real Kirk, cause I am sure he can spell! And... he is comfortable in his own skin and would not find a need to respond to this post! Ha Ha!