Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Power and The Glory
Harold V. Ratliff

What is it with this book that it is so expensive? Published in 1957 by the Texas Tech Press, Harold Ratliff was a veteran Texas sports writer. But, I have never seen a copy with its dust jacket for less than $100. A signed copy I saw once at the Half Price Books in Dallas was either $150 or $300 - I was so stunned, I just purged it from mind. The next time I went, it was gone!

And how in the world can this book be so wonderful when my dad did not have it...? He had every book written about the SWC! Guess it might have been a tad early for him - even though he did travel to his first UT game by train from Houston alone with his best friend at the age of eight (1949).

Reported to have one at the Houston Public Library, I may go try to find it before I put down half a Franklin for a non-dust jacketed copy. Published in 1957 I need to make sure I want it. My interest of the SWC is more 60s and 70s.


Shakespeare's Fool said...


Is Ratliff still alive? Do you know if any of his books is about Texas High School Football?
We are working on a project and might could use a writer too.

Tyler Walker said...

Harold was my Great-Grandfather he has passed away. What's the project you are working on? Maybe I could help

Susan N. Freeman said...

Tyler, thanks! Very cool for you to comment! I just saw these comments! Yes, I finally bit the bullet and dropped half a benjamin for the book (and without a dust jacket too)! Love it! It is a treasure!