Saturday, September 19, 2009

Classic SWC Matchup Today

I can only imagine the cartoon DIrk West would have come up with for today's game regarding last year's upset.

Love all the replays on College Game Day of last year's upset! No surprise with Corso's donning of the Bevo Mascot head. Actually I prefer, as a Red Raider, to be the underdog. Bad things happen when we are favored! Thought the signs were rather weak though... even the best one about not freestyling Texas Fight failed by omitting "big boy." Weeeeeeak...

We don't freestyle Texas Fight, big boy!

More Cartoons from Dirk West - each one with a very cool set up for the week. The LAJ has moved them to the Lubbock Centennial page - which is a very cool page, by the way.

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