Thursday, November 5, 2009

Earl Campbell Carries Rice Player into Endzone Revisited

Doing a completely unrelated search today, I found this neat article on ESPN's Page 2 about the 1977 video of Earl Campbell carrying Rice's Strong Safety Michael Downs into the Endzone. I was amused that the author located the involved players to discuss their thoughts on the memorable play.

To the right of the article was a little sidebar about how hard it was to figure out who was in the video. I was thinking, oh shoot - my dad would have known instantly! Wait..... this is sounding a little familiar. Then I see MY NAME as a critical resource and remember we had this discussion on Uni Watch quite some time ago. How cool is that?

Turns out the author asked for Uni Watch's assistance and (with the help of dad) we concluded who got the free ride! Although we had concluded it was Michael Downs by the end of the thread, the author had to give some credit to the UT historian that confirmed it! ;)

Check out "The Story Behind the Story" on the right side of the article!

The research started by dad's "all knowing of all things SWC", lots of legwork by me, and finished by dad and his SWC Record Books... which are now mine! Check out comments 101, 155, 186, 193, 195, 197, 212, 216, 226, 238, 242, 243, 245, 247, 248 at Uni Watch for the full process!

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