Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 Uni Smackdown

Most changes to the unis for 2012 are completely overshadowed by the stellar Aggie unis unveiled this year.  But here is the run-down.

U of Beveled H: Lots of jicky lines and odd shaped leg panels, blame Nike for that. Not sure about the Hot Wheels shine treatment on the helmet, and of course I hate the new beveled logo. Saving factor is the Robertson Stadium patch.

Rice and Adidas: Not much difference, but definitely not as good. School name is smaller and the stacked Adidas logo looks horrible. Does not appear to be the right color of blue either. And I am still missing the stripes on the pants!

SMU new striping: Someone claims that new unis do not facilitate UCLA stripes (but I beg to differ #QuitMakingExcusesNike). Aside from that, bonehead move to dump the name of your school... little horses belong on pants! Maybe they were trying desperately to outnumber the Nike logos... Speaking of pants... where exactly have all the stripes gone?

Arkansas Barf Fest: Just effing horrible! The full set is a non-traditional yawn fest.

Aggies ode to the 70s: as mentioned in my earlier blog entry, I really like it! Except for the matte helmet finish... and the maroon is honestly, the wrong color

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