Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DKR Auction

So as expected, prices were a higher than expected at the auction since Darrell Royal died last week… ESPECIALLY on the cheaper items that were supposed to go between $100-200.  The expensive things like Texas and US flags flown to the moon stayed around the estimated bids (if not a tad lower).  But the little things - the opportunity to have something the legend owned.  And I can't ignore his 2005 National Championship ring - it did go for a shocking $105,000. 

It is interesting to see the unsigned items that went higher than you would think.  A book with a signature about $250 – but make it about the Longhorns and it went for $650, programs from games he coached even higher… A couple of odd desk items that were expected to go for 100-200 went for prices like $1700 or $2250!  If it had a longhorn, his initials, or was burnt orange – the price went up!  I would love to do a spreadsheet categorizing the items that went for so much more than expected.

Here is a short run-down of the things that were eyebrow raising!

Signed program from 1973 (100-200=$650)

Duh... it has a longhorn on it and was probably worn by Darrel Royal!!! (100-200=$1300)

Initialed Bottle Box - the box is sweet (100-200=$1700)

What I wanted – was thinking I could spend $200 on this since it was his… even though it was so faded! (100-200=$550) 

It's burnt orange, has a longhorn on it and they used it! (400-600=$950)

Holy Shit – my glasses aren’t worth this much... (100-200=$350)

Hello... wooden Hook'em with his name on it! (100-200=$2250)

Not signed, Edith's personal copy.... maybe she bought it back. (600-800=$1800)

Unsigned 1963 Program - although this was the auction catalog cover (100-200=$800)

Signed 1957 and 1958 Programs (100-200=$1300)

Signed 1949 Sugar Bowl Program - his last game playing fro Oklahoma (600-800=$2000)

Signed 1958 Sugar Bowl Program (300-500=$550)

Amazing Original Cartoon (400-600=$3500)

Texas Flag from Moon - very faded, he obviously had these in his office and ENJOYED them! Duke wrote about trying to make a Hook'em in the photo with his gloved hand. (15,000-25,000=$17,000)

The audio recording of the party with Charlie Duke and Willie talking about what it would be like to be on the moon. I so want to hear this – hope the buyer makes it public! (60-150=$425)

Apollo 12 moon flag - signed by Conrad, Gordon, and Bean (10,000-15,000=$15,000)

Apollo 8 Moon Flag - signed by Borman, Lovell, and Anders. What a steal! (10,000-15,000=$6500)

Autographed pages by several SWC greats intended to be in first 250 books of a book that never got printed - neat lot! (100-200=$275)

What the Hell?  Other rings only went for $15,000 or so.  Oh, 2005 National Championship Ring... it's not a typo! (1000-5000=$105,000)

Brick from 2006 DKR Stadium Renovation (100-200=$750)

Texas Football Magazine also signed by James Street (150-250=$700)

The auction website - browse through - it's fun!
Neat article about Auction - with photos.

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