Friday, November 9, 2012

Fitting Tribute for Darrell Royal

We lost a legend on November 8th.   It was a A sad, sad day for me, longhorn fans, SWC fans, and football aficionados across the country. Even Aggies expressed some love! The UT tower was lit solid orange Wednesday night in his honor.  I know my dad is having some lively conversation with him right now!

Here is the DKR decal Texas Football went with for the helmet (posted by @MBTexasFootball). I was indeed hoping for something other than a black circle with DKR in it. I was wishing for something more original - like a little wishbone with DKR inside.

But, how fitting is this!?! I would have to say, they nailed it!

He changed football forever with the wishbone, but Darrell Royal "created" the iconic helmet longhorn (see here for details from a previous blog of mine) that is still unchanged to this day! Bravo!

Hook'em! \m/

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