Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SMU Blues

Looks like SMU will finally be back in blue on Oct 5th per this video. Blue has been see rarely since June Jones came on board and plenty of SMU fans have been singing the blues.

 The video specifically references 1983, even though they have worn blue jerseys recently in 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002 and of course 2008 when June Jones came on and basically tanked the whole season in bright royal blue). That is not a complete list - I have big gaps in my SWC uni database for SMU that I have not populated yet.

So... will it be the more unique Yale blue of the Pony Express era? Maybe the darker blue that seemed to come along after the 1983 Cotton Bowl when the Bowl mistakenly ordered a darker shade? Or just that plain old more royal blue from those recent photos? Their current blue is likely the effect of Nike not often making "special" colors for teams - it's usually pretty much their way or the highway.   Those early 80s jerseys didn't have stripes. Since the video does say "present meets the past", I am guessing they won't wear stripes on the pants... bummer. Unless it is a throwback uni to honor Dickerson and the 1983 Cotton Bowl team who were 1982 Southwest Conference Champions. Oh crap, I hope Craig James isn't there... I have REALLY enjoyed him being SILENT!  It will be good to see SMU back in blue - hopefully they will win and June Jones won't toss the blue again! The consensus of the comments on several boards is that SMU fans want the blue and want the separated stripes on the helmets and pants back!

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