Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nike and No SMU Whiteout

For four years in a row SMU has worn all white in the home opener which includes the fans for a whiteout. Tech was expected to wear black for a blackout. However, Nike didn't get SMU's white jerseys ready in time so SMU was forced to wear their red jerseys.

Come on, Nike.  Since SMU does the whiteout every year for the home opener, it's not like someone didn't know when the whites would be needed. 

No problem said SMU athletics - the red jerseys look great. Only problem is the fans were now dressed supporting the Red Raiders who wore all white and a new white helmet similar to the black version that was part of the uni reveal. Not too sure about the all white look... The hash tag war (#WreckEmTech vs #WreckTech) goes to Tech with their WALK-ON FRESHMAN possibly star QB and new coach as they dominated the game after both teams started slow.

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